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    Brent Cooper
    Trial and appellate counsel for Cooper & Scully (1993–present)

    How would America be different under a Goldwater administration? During
    his time and on through until today? What did LBJ contribute to America
    that wouldn't have happened if he had lost?

    The Vietnam War, Civil Rights and The Great Society would have all been different under Goldwater.

    Goldwater would have explored means to end the Vietnam war. He gave this
    speech in 1964 while running for President:

    “Taking strong action simply to return to the status quo is not worthy
    of our sacrifices, our ideals, or our vision of a world of peace,
    freedom and justice.

    “Now this doesn't mean the use of military power alone. We have vast resources of economic, political and psychological power which have not
    even been tapped in our Vietnamese strategy.

    “These, I suggest, can be peaceful means of waging war on war itself and
    all I say is, let's use them.

    “As it is, we seem forever to be making crisis decisions in the middle
    of the night--crisis decisions for supposedly isolated outbreaks of fire.

    Civil rights legislation would have been pushed through since the
    Republicans had started the push in the 1950’s.

    Goldwater was fundamentally a staunch supporter of racial equality. He integrated his family's business upon taking over control in the 1930s.
    A lifetime member of the NAACP, Goldwater helped found the group's
    Arizona chapter. Goldwater saw to it that the Arizona Air National Guard
    was racially integrated from its inception in 1946, two years before
    President Truman ordered the military as a whole be integrated (a
    process that was not completed until 1954). Goldwater worked with
    Phoenix civil rights leaders to successfully integrate public schools a
    year prior to Brown vs. Board of Education.

    In Goldwater’s first year in the Senate, he was responsible for the desegregation of the Senate cafeteria after he insisted that his black legislative assistant, Katherine Maxwell, be served along with every
    other Senate employee.

    Goldwater repeatedly introduced amendments to labor bills that would
    outlaw racial discrimination in labor unions, however, labor unions successfully used their political influence to defeat Goldwater's
    proposals. Goldwater voted in favor of both Civil Rights Act of 1957 and
    the 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    There would have been no Great Society that continues to enslave
    generation after generation. In his acceptance speech Goldwater laid the
    blame for all the problems LBJ enumerated right at the feet of
    big-government Democrats. Centralized government planning destroyed
    individual initiative and creativity rather than nurturing it. Pushing
    equality on everyone was a bad idea; it's nothing more than "regimented sameness." People have to be free to manage their own lives and make
    their own choices, not be slaves to some liberty-destroying central
    government. The only rights the government should be protecting are
    property rights.

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    Robert Vernon

    16h ago
    This was the first presidential election I voted in. The media was
    filled with the line that BG would nuke everybody. Plus in my
    neighborhood you couldn’t get your tickets fixed if you didn’t vote Democratic…. Ahh! Priorities!

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    Brent Cooper
    15h ago
    Much was LBJ commercials

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    Rick Hord
    They told if I voted for Goldwater there would be a war in Vietnam. I
    did and there was.

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