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    Wes Frank
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    Why was World War II over when the Reichstag was liberated?
    It wasn’t.

    World War II ended in Europe when the remains of the German government surrendered on May 7, 1945. The officers below had the authority to
    order all of the German forces on the continent and at sea to surrender
    to whichever allied forces were within reach. A second ceremony was held
    on May 8 in Berlin, which was already in Soviet hands.

    Japan did not call for terms until August 15, 1945. This resulted in an immediate ceasefire between Japan and the Western Allies, which helped
    protect both Allied POWs from execution and Asian civilians from random atrocities. Note that this was the primary reason the Allies agreed to
    protect Emperor Hirohito from prosecution for war crimes. Only he had
    the effective authority to order the Japanese armies on the mainland to
    cease their military activities in a conflict which was still claiming
    eight thousand lives a day.

    Soviet forces continued to attack the Japanese in China, Korea, and
    Northern Japan for several weeks to gain territory they could claim
    after the war. These little-known battles resulted in hundreds of
    thousands of deaths in spite of the end of fighting elsewhere. The
    formal surrender ceremony was held on September 2, 1945, after which the Western Allies landed occupation forces in Japan.

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