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    David Ameen
    Do you think we should rename Columbus day to Indigenous peoples day?
    No. When I was substitute teaching the subject of injustice to Native
    Americans came up. After a few minutes of whining about how terrible
    white colonists were I was ready for them to get back on topic so I told
    them “We killed their people and took their land. THAT IS WHAT
    CONQUERING NATIONS DO. If you don't like it don't like it DON'T LET
    YOURSELF BE CONQUERED. The Seminoles never surrendered. And BTW the
    Native Americans were doing the same thing to each other before
    Europeans got here: The Comanchies drove the Apachies completely out of
    TX. They killed their people and took their land. The Crow were only too
    happy to join the US Army as scouts against the Souix and everyone hated
    the Navajo.” I'm not excusing broken treaties, what Thomas Jefferson did
    to the Houmas or what Jackson did to the Creek & Cherokee. In my younger
    days I displayed a bumper sticker that read CUSTER HAD IT COMING. But
    revising history to suit woke activists does no public good.

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    Barb Venmerc
    21h ago
    As our great grandmother would wisely say “One thing has nothing to do
    with the other". An exploring sailor and crew comes upon previously
    unknown land far away from home. A terrific event, and although the land
    was there before he saw it, this was a discovery for him. Subsequent
    events have nothing to do with his original voyage. He was not
    responsible for what others did. Subsequent events have been invented
    and twisted around by a lot of very hateful people who have a strange
    agenda. Do they hate discoverers and explorers? Or Europens? Do they
    want to undermine US history and replace it with their invented one? Or
    do they enjoy stirring everyone up, getting them to argue, then leave, laughing. Accusing strangers of murder and slavery without knowing them
    is extremely primitive, uneducated, prejudiced and moronic

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    Mark Acuna
    So what is next? The Martin Luther King Holiday gets changed to George
    Floyd Day since he was such as upstanding/ law abiding/ set a good
    example /model citizen?If anything I do believe the Native Americans
    should be considered for their own national holiday.But NOT to take over
    an existing one.Maybe it can be like Leap Year- every four years or
    something like that.Some type of acknowledgment might be
    http://considered.As for George Floyd? His Day could be called” How to
    flush your pitiful life down the toilet DAY”.

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    Bill Michalek
    Why aren’t we teaching the kids that history is there to learn from. The history that worked, should be kept as tradition, the history that
    didn’t work should not be repeated. Either way, it should not be changed
    to fit a modern day addenda. That does no one any good.

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    Mark Johansen
    19h ago
    No, that would be silly. We already have an “American Indian Day” —
    which some say should be renamed “Native American Day”, whatever, so
    it’s not like we don’t already have a day to honor these folks. Columbus
    is an important historical figure: he brought the hemispheres together.
    If you don’t like the w… (more)
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    Shoba Vakkalagadda
    Thank you, David. Here in California, the public schools do NOT have
    Columbus Day off. Instead the kids have Veterans Day off.

    Growing up in New York, we had Columbus Day off. I was surprised
    initially when I saw this here in California.

    You are absolutely correct here ->

    “THAT IS WHAT CONQUERING NATIONS DO. If you don't like it don't like it

    It’s called survival of the fittest.

    If Columbus and the other Europeans did not do what they did back then,
    then none of what is going on now would have happened. Yeah, they were
    jerks, but so was everyone else.

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