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    Michael Davison
    Retired Industrial Engineer and Production Manager in IsraelTue

    Do you think that all 65 children who died in Gaza was merely a fake
    political effort by Hamas to gain global sympathy?
    I have to wonder about the claim, simply because out of the 4,300
    rockets Hamas and its associates fired at Israel, more than 1,000 failed
    and fell within the Gaza Strip.

    Hamas is asking you to believe that not one single Palestinian man,
    woman or child was injured by those 1,000-plus rockets that fell and
    exploded within the Gaza Strip.

    Does that sound logical to anyone here?

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    Barry Brevik
    I think that your point is entirely valid.

    With ~1,000 rockets falling within the most northern part of Gaza; this
    is a very small area. Obviously, I do not have any references to think
    this, but I would be all the way to shocked if it turns out that no
    Palestinian Arabs were killed, or at least grievously injured!

    In any case, we will never know that number, because if it is any value
    0, it is not in Hamas’ interests to reveal that number.

    Thank you for pointing up this issue.

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    Pawel Tokarczuk
    We can be confident on this point for two reasons:

    The Gaza Health Ministry was reporting civilian casualties on its side
    of the line on the evening of May 10th., after the expiry of the “ultimatum” issued by Hamas, but before Israel had begun to return fire into Gaza.
    The IDF has since published its famous colour-coded map of launches and landings inside the Gaza Strip:

    (see the map - 680 Hamas rockets misfired and fell in Gaza
    May 10-21, 2021)

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    Michael Davison
    The number of 1,000 plus was in the Hebrew newspapers at the time. Even
    if the IDF number is the accurate one, can any sane, objective person
    actually believe that absolutely no Palestinian casualties were incurred
    from those 680 rockets, and that none of them were innocent civilians?

    It seems to me that anyone believing this has a naiveté index way above
    the legal limit.

    Hamas is the one provoking, so your question is directed at the wrong
    person. Try asking a Palestinian, although I’m sure that he/she will
    blame Israel.

    The Palestinian authorities have a long history of lying for foreign consumption as well as to their own people.

    As cold and hard as this may sound, the people of Gaza are paying for
    their mistake of supporting Hamas. Now they’re prisoners of their own decisions. I can feel sorry for them, but that will not lessen my
    response when Hamas and their associates attempt to murder Israeli
    civilians in an attempt to provoke Israel into providing them with “martyrs” for the media camera, and if there aren’t enough “martyrs”, then they make some more themselves.

    These are Hamas policies:

    Hamas MP Fathi Hammad: We Used Women and Children as Human Shields How
    many of these human shields (a war crime on the part of Hamas) were killed?

    Hamas PM Ismail Haniya: We Are a Nation of Jihad and Martyrdom

    Palestinian Leader Farouq Qaddoumi: We Supported The Nazis In WWII

    Message by "Arab Nazi" Threatens Jews with Torment Worse Than the
    Holocaust (Warning: Graphic)

    Hamas Sermon from the Gaza Strip: Our Doctrine Entails Exterminating the

    May I suggest, Mr. Greene, that instead of trying to impose your morals
    and ideologies on the Arab-Israel conflict, you do some serious study
    about the cultures, ethics and mentalities involved?

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