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    Michael Davison
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    What do you think about Michael Moore's post depicting the sad fact of
    atrocity of Israeli families occupying Palestinians' houses and riddling
    I think that such a claim if born of ignorance with no desire to find
    the facts of the matter.

    The issue of eviction should never have been politicized, it should have remained a simple landlord-tenant dispute.

    His statement was either the product of intellectual laziness or a
    desire to please the Muslim population of Flint, Michigan.

    Either way, he lost any respect I had for him over his previous works, destroyed in one second by his own words.

    IF Israel were a theocracy, as he claims, then Israel’s government would
    be the Rabbinical Council and not the elected government of Israel.

    Calling the eviction of a family that has refused to pay rent for
    upwards of 20 years, dragging the issue through succeeding courts with
    appeal after appeal even though the tenants have no case, cold not have happened in any other country in the world.

    Michael Moore and any who agree with his statement are simply Leninesque “useful idiots” who fell victim to Palestinian propaganda. One would
    have expected better of a person who investigated Columbine and the NRA.

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