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    Tomaž Vargazon
    Practicing atheistJune 17
    Why didn't the United Nations give German land to the Jews as opposed to
    land they did not own?
    Originally Answered: Why did the Allies not give the Jews European land
    for their nation state?
    Because Israel wasn’t some sort of a gift or compesantion to Jews for
    the Holocaust. The creation of Israel was agreed upon after World War 1.
    It was decided the Jews would get their own state in their ancestral
    homeland: Palestine.

    Mandate of Palestine was split into Palestine and Transjordan, now Jordan

    The agreement was that the Arabs woudl get Transjordan and possibly a
    part of Palestine, whereas the Jews would settle their own portion of Palestine. The reason why this happened after WW2 and the Holocaust is
    because the British Empire was no longer able to maintain their colonies
    due to expenses and damage suffered by the World War 2 and
    Israel/Palestine was the first bit UK decided to shed.

    At Passover, one of the most imporant Jewish religious festivals, they
    say goodbyes with “Next year in Jerusalem”, signifying their ardent wish
    to return there. Why on Earth would Allies give Jews land in Europe they
    never wanted in the first place?

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    David Bushey
    22h ago
    It was agreed upon after world war one, betraying agreements made to
    Arabs by European powers to establish a pan Arabic state in exchange for overthrowing the Ottoman empire in the region. Sykes-Picot were secret
    deals between Britain and France that were leaked after the Russian
    revolution, stabbing the Arabs in the back. Arabs were omitted from the
    talks. Jewish nationalists were not. As a result ‘it was decided Jews
    would get their own state’ against the wishes of the people who ACTUALLY LIVED THERE.’

    It would be like china and Russia deciding to give all of Florida and
    Georgia to the Seminole because they were victims of genocide.

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    Tzivia Adler
    17h ago
    What so many answers miss is that this was a time of Empires breaking up
    into nations. Nationalism was all the rage after WWI, and so the
    creation of small new countries was part of the zeitgeist. Israel, but
    also Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia Iraq, Iran,
    Pakistan, Bangladash, etc

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    Matt Ahmad
    It seems unfair that western powers can allocate occupied land to whom
    ever they wish, with no say input from locals. This was done in
    Australia, America’s, South Africa and finally in Palestine. The western opinion is local people are not even humans worth asking as they are not
    white. I wonder how … (more)
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    Tomaž Vargazon
    Yet Ottomans were allowed to invade and conquer the land for their own
    uses and that's “different”?

    Matt AhmadIt is true like the ottoman did the Armenian massacre, which
    was ethnic cleansing, with the purpose to replace the indigenous
    population from its land. However, they mostly allowed Christian and
    Jews to live in their land peacefully, specifically Greece, which
    remained Christian majority through out the colonisation process.
    However, the point here is that if you don’t replace the local
    population during the colonisation process, it’s does not create long
    term resentment I.e Britain in India, USA in Philippines and France in Indonesia and Vietnam. However when you replace the local population it
    create resentment. Also two wrongs don’t make a right.
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    Daniel Friedrichs
    23h ago
    I think Tomaz’s answer is factual, but the emphasis is wrong. Western
    power had little to do with the creation of Israel. Jews were buying
    land in Palestine during the Ottoman control of the land. The British
    hoped to create an alliance with the Jews in order to help defeated the Ottomans. They made this same deal with the Arabs.

    Once the British controlled the region after the defeat of the Ottomans,
    The British restricted Jewish immigration to the land.

    When the British walked away from the mandate. The UN tried to negotiate
    a partition between the Arabs and Jews. The Arabs most certainly were
    invited to those discussions.

    The UN did ratify the partition plan, but the British did not vote for
    it. And even though the plan was ratified, it was only contingent upon
    both the Arabs and Jews agreeing to it.

    Essentially, the western power knew that a war was inevitable. So they
    imposed an arms embargo on the region. This meant that the Jews could
    not get any weapons, but the Araba nations surrounding Palestine could.

    Zionism in US: Haganah's arms procurement

    I hope that source is acceptable.

    The Western solution was simply to have the Jews fight and lose.

    You may think what the Jews did was wrong. That’s perfectly
    understandable. The way I like to thinking of what the Jews did as like
    a person in a ship wreck trying to get onto a life boat. but the
    passengers wont make room. so the guy fights his way onto the boat
    forcing the other passengers to put their kids on their laps.

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    Sarin Chaudhary
    Israel was born out of the guilt of the white men killing other white
    men. If blacks were killed then there would have been no homeland. Just
    look at the case of the GREAT KING LEOPOLD who killed around 10 millions
    of people and still is called Leopold the Great

    Hitler made the mistake of killing white people and paid the price

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    Charles Hiikie
    June 17
    Yeah, no.

    Jordan was the remnant of the Arab Kingdom — it agreed to be governed as
    part of the mandate on the explicit condition that it was not a part of
    the “home for Jews in Palestine".

    Revisionist Zionist ideology doesn't make it otherwise. Putting up a
    pretend map with final borders of the state of Jordan at a time they
    were undefined is paltering propaganda.

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    Charles Hiikie
    June 17
    Yeah, no.

    Jordan was the remnant of the Arab Kingdom — it agreed to be governed as
    part of the mandate on the explicit condition that it was not a part of
    the “home for Jews in Palestine".

    Revisionist Zionist ideology doesn't make it otherwise. Putting up a
    pretend map with final borders of the state of Jordan at a time they
    were undefined is paltering propaganda.

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    Toby Dillon
    So, can you show a map of what this Arab Kingdom looked like post WWI?
    Who was the king of it at that time? Who recognized it as a state?

    It’s fine to call revisionist history what it is, but you have to
    actually show the reality of the situation in order to provide
    credibility to your claim. See, this:

    would be fine, except that that “kingdom” (unrecognized) surrendered to
    the French in 1920 and specifically didn’t control Palestinian
    territory, which remained under British control.

    ISIS considered itself a state, too, but failed to get the recognition
    of other states and was put down, similarly. Such claims lack substance
    and are little more than children on a playground claiming to be “king
    of the hill,” easily deposed, and relying on those claims later
    typically leads to getting smacked down by the real states—which
    happened in both this case and ISIS.

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    Charles Hiikie
    Except Transjordan wasn't part of Palestine.

    I don't need to go through Wikipedia for you, but the Revisionist
    Zionist claims came with the Irgun & Stern gangs claiming that the
    demands at the Paris accords on the east bank should be recognised and
    that later Jordan was all part of Palestine.

    I don't need to prove recognition, nor detail the Arab revolt, the
    Hussein dynasty, the loss of Saudi Arabia, the French occupation, the
    reasons for the separation of Iraq into a kingdom, etc.

    It suffices that the map is false and that the Jordanians specifically
    agreed to be governed as a separate section of mandatory Palestine on
    exclusion from being part of the “home in Palestine" — which is not even
    a direction to create any state.


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    Michael Davison
    Lives in Israel (1969–present)June 6
    Why did the PLO support Saddam Hussein when he invaded Kuwait?
    Other than the tendency of Yasser Arafat to support the wrong side in
    any conflict?

    Saddam Hussein gave the Palestinians in Iraq preferential treatment, but without ever considering making them Iraqi citizens.

    Iraq was, before Saddam Hussein, one of the most advanced, westernized
    and successful state among the Arab League countries.

    Arafat thought he was hitching his star to a winner, something he needed
    badly after being thrown out of Beirut by the IDF in 1982. He was
    mistaken once again.


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    Yael Cohen (יעל כהן)
    Student at University of Toronto (2020–present)June 15
    Why doesn't the world care about Palestine?
    The world doesn’t care about the 3 million Palestinians in Jordan
    because Israel can’t be blamed. Where 370,000 sit in refugee camps while
    the government has no intention of integrated them into society and
    helping them prosper. And if Jordan cared about Palestinians, they would
    have established a Palestinian state in the West Bank between the years
    1948 and 1967 when they held control over the territory.

    The world doesn’t care about Palestinians in Lebanon because Israel
    can’t be blamed. Here Palestinians cannot own businesses and are banned
    from most decent-paying professions, including medicine and law. An
    estimated two-thirds live in poverty. The government will not give
    citizenship rights to Palestinian refugees, for fear it could make them
    stay forever. (the description is curtesy of Al Jazeera)

    The world doesn’t care about the 240,000 Palestinians in Saudi Arabia
    because Israel cannot be blamed. Here they are not allowed to hold or
    even apply for Saudi citizenship.

    But guess what, the world cares about the Palestinians in Gaza and the
    West Bank. Why? Because Israel can be blamed. Instead of looking
    critically and asking, “Why does Israel feel unsafe giving the P.A independence when they vow to cleanse the area of Jews?”, they scream, “military occupation.” If the P.A was as peaceful and honest as Canada, Israel would have no problem for peace in exchange for land. But the P.A isn’t Canada. But the world doesn’t see this.


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    Mark Mostow
    Lives in Israel (1984–present)June 11
    Would it be a bad idea for Israel to abandon the West Bank?
    Yes. We pulled out of the Gaza Strip, and were rewarded by Hamas taking
    over and firing missiles at our cities. If we pull out of the West Bank,
    the result will be similar, but worse. The missiles will fall on our international airport. And when we shoot back to defend ourselves, we
    already know what will happen. We will be condemned internationally, as
    we just were when we were attacked from Gaza.

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