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    Why do some people believe that Palestine should not exist?

    Because up to the present, the Palestinian leaders haven’t shown their ability to build anything but a terror factory.

    Both the Palestinian National Charter (PLO/PA) and the Hamas Covenant
    are full of descriptions of how it’s necessary to destroy the “Zionist regime” and take over all that regime built, but not one single word
    about responsible governmental management of an economy or a country.

    Corruption in both Palestinian regimes is highly corrupt, elitist and tyrannical, often summarily executing accused “collaborators” (read dissidents) without due process, or arresting and torturing anyone who criticized the government or persons in that government.

    In short, the Palestinian leadership has not shown that it’s capable of building and maintaining anything but a failed terror state that
    practices Apartheid (see the “solutions” in both manifestos regarding
    the future of the Jews in Israel, should it become “Palestine”).

    Not exactly something a person brought up in anything resembling a
    democracy should be willing to support.


    Daniel Schwartz
    Oh, the Palestinian leadership has the skills to build many things.
    (There are plenty of pictures online, for example, of the many tall
    buildings in downtown Gaza City. Those seem to have been built just fine.)

    What bothers me is what those Palestinian leaders choose to build with
    those skills. In particular, I'm thinking of the many millions of
    dollars spent to build an underground network of concrete tunnels, crisscrossing the Gaza Strip. These tunnels are wired for electricity,
    they are air-conditioned, and they are large enough to drive Jeeps
    through. The Gaza leadership spent several years to build them, with
    entrances concealed in apartment buildings and schools, so that they
    could hide large quantities of weapons and transport them, undetected,
    from one launch site to another.

    Israelis called that system of tunnels “the Metro”. They saw it,
    correctly, as a military threat, and judged, correctly, that it was to
    be used aggressively by militia units, not humanely for the people of
    Gaza. So Israel found a way to lure the top Hamas military commanders
    into those tunnels… and then Israel destroyed them.

    Now… what else could the Hamas leaders have spent all that money, and
    time, and effort on? I can think of many things… and I'm saddened by the choice they did make.


    David Harralson
    “Palestine” does exist, as a historical city. But, it never existed as a country, governmental entity, etc. It never had a constitution,
    legislature, legal system, passport, or currency - all attributes of a
    real country.

    “Palestinians” are Arabs and many Arabs in the general area want nothing
    to do with the warmongering individuals who have usurped power. They
    extort money and resources from the inhabitants, leaving them worse off.

    Israel, in its admittedly imperfect administration, is far better than
    the so-called “Palestinian leaders”.


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