• Why did Arab nations show support to Saddam Hussein while he was genoci

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    Why did Arab nations show support to Saddam Hussein while he was
    genociding Kurds?


    Thomas Ryugo

    Don’t forget that at the time Saddam Hussein was using poison gas on
    Kurds in Halabja in 1988, there wasn’t a single Arab democracy. All of
    the Arab nations were ruled by dictatorships in some form - Egypt,
    Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc. As such, state-controlled media set the

    Granted, there’s no shortage of racial prejudice in the Middle East and
    the Kurds are subject to such prejudices just like Israeli Jews. Still,
    I have to think that most ordinary Arabs aren’t any more supportive of genocide than any other group of people - but in dictatorships, people
    are circumspect about their true feelings vs the regime’s official party line.

    Several American journalists remarked that in the weeks leading up to
    the Iraq War and Saddam Hussein’s ouster, numerous Arab people in
    different countries would confront them saying “You infidel Christian crusaders, Yankee imperialist dogs” and then whisper “But as long as you’re going to oust Saddam Hussein anyway, why don’t you also get rid
    of - take your pick of Assad, Gaddafi, Saudi Royal Family, Algerian
    generals - who’s just as bad as Saddam?”


    Himo Mustafa, I´m a Kurd.

    For two main reasons:

    anti-Kurdism is the second biggest form of racism in the Middle East
    after anti-Semitism.

    2. Arab Supremacism and racism

    Arabs are supremcist. They can´t accept others to be of equal status to
    them. For example, Palestinian Arabs are against the Kurds and Kurdish
    state but they want the Kurds and the whole world to support them
    creating another Arab state. Because they are Arab, and we are Kurdish.
    In other words, they are a superior race but we are not, they deserve a
    state of their own but we don´t!!.

    The only ethnic group in the ME who have stood with us are the Jewish


    Nazyar Mustafa, knows Kurdish
    Answered 1h ago
    Because they are all Arabs, So Arabs choose to support Arabs instead of Humanity, plus they thought and still think of him as a Hero!

    for example i once talked to an Arab from Morroco and she was saying
    that Saddam is known as a hero in her country! ridiculous, isn’t it?

    Also Palestinians think of him as a Hero, Take a look at what they made
    in their streets.


    David Bar Itzhak, knows French
    Answered 1h ago
    The Arab world has very different perspectives on history and geopolitics.

    Arab medias are very often pro conspirations, like on the 9/11
    supposedly an inside job , or the Holocaust , supposedly fake.

    So they will likely believe that Saddam was a 'good guy’ and he never
    gased the kurdes.

    That it is all 'western lies and propaganda’


    Omar Meriwani, Studied and lived in Baghdad, Worked with Iraqi
    government in automation
    Answered 1h ago
    Arabs opinions were never based on justice or correctness but instead
    they are based on shallow values such as the admire of speeches and the charisma. However, it's also possible to assume that Arab governments
    didn't feel safe while seeing Saddam getting overthrown in this way, so
    they directed the public opinion in this way as a precaution or as a way
    to oppose what happened.


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