• Quora - Why did Israel attack Palestinians in the Al-Aqsa Mosque

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    Why did Israel attack Palestinians in the Al-Aqsa Mosque on their holy
    Wow, someone has mistaken Hamas propaganda for the truth. As much as I
    dislike Benjamin Netanyahu and am delighted that he is in the opposition
    as of last night, this one’s not on him.

    Hamas started this mini-war because of Mahmoud Abbas cancelling the
    planned elections in the Palestinian Authority. What better way for
    Hamas to show the Palestinian public that they are the real “heroes of
    the resistance” than to throw some unguided rockets towards Jerusalem in
    the hopes of killing a few Israelis with the claims that:

    They’re “protesting” the eviction of Palestinian tenants from Jewish-owned buildings in the Sheik Jarrah neighborhood due to years of refusing to pay rent (at the behest of the Palestinian Authority, btw), and; Making the same tired claim that “al-Aqsa is being attacked by the Jews”
    a claim that has reliably caused riots and massacres of Jews in
    Jerusalem for several hundred years.
    Bogus “worshippers” came out of the mosque with Molotov cocktails and
    rocks to attack the very policemen stationed in the Temple Mount
    compound to prevent such claimed attacks.

    What would one expect the Israeli government to do? Accept this threat
    to its citizens without reacting?

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