• Online article: "Feminism and National Defense"

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    On 5/22/2021 7:14 PM, MarcusAurelius wrote:
    The following is the URL of an article which appears in the online men's rights site, "The American Gentleman", entitled: "Feminism and National Defense"

    Recently, there has been a great deal of political controversy over how the Woke culture has destroyed and emasculated the American military. This online article supports this assertion with facts and reasoned arguments.

    Seven year old ideas.
    Quite predictable, perhaps even reactionary.
    It is interesting how some people even today,
    think there is no need to have females as
    police officers, detectives, supervisors, and chiefs.

    Oh well, as we live, some will learn.

    Are you thinking it was political pushes by
    "Feminism" that caused recruitment of women
    in the military services in WWII ?

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