• Gore would never go to Iraq. We can't be entirely sure he'd even se

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    If Al Gore would have won the US Presidency back in 2000, do you
    think that the US would have stayed in Afghanistan anywhere near as
    long as it did in real life?

    I think that if Al Gore was POTUS when 9-11 occurred,
    the USA reaction in both Afghanistan and Iraq would
    have been very similar to what did occur in real life.

    Al Gore, just like the majority of fellow Democrats
    Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Christopher Dodd,
    Joe Liberman, and Diane Feinstein would have been
    for USA military intervention.

    Re: Gore would never go to Iraq. We can't be entirely sure
    he'd even see the Towers fall.
    Of course, the *bigger* issue is that the US security apparatus under
    Gore was less likely to have allowed the attacks in the /first/ place.
    There were "right hand/left hand" issues that were NOT merely caused by Federal law.

    You are silly with your partisan delusions and hand wavum.
    The Terrorist act of 9-11 was planned and begun while
    Clinton was POTUS and Gore was VP.

    The very expensive and disruptive 'security screens' you
    seem to advocate could only happen AFTER a major disaster.
    There is NO evidence that anything after the Democrats
    would have won a 3rd term as POTUS could produce such
    changes in under 9 months.

    Afghanistan I will give you.

    Absolutely, no doubt.


    Yes, Iraq.

    Democrats were mainly aware that Saddam's teeth remained pulled.

    That is false.
    The Democrats had the majority in the Senate and they
    could have prevented the War with Iraq. The majority
    of the Democrats even, voted for the War.

    You seem to try hard to forget what Hillary said when she
    announced her decision. In effect she said, "I don't
    trust Republican Bush, so I checked with the smart experts
    we had while Bill and I were in charge, and they agreed that
    the available intelligence showed that Saddam had WMD
    and they should be removed."

    In 2004 the "Democrats" decided who they trusted to lead
    the country, and they nominated Kerry to run for POTUS.
    Kerry had voted for the War with Iraq.

    In 2016 the "Democrats" decided who they trusted to lead
    the country, and they nominated Hillary to run for POTUS.
    Hillary Clinton had voted for the War with Iraq.

    In 2020 the "Democrats" decided who they trusted to lead
    the country, and they nominated Biden to run for POTUS.
    Joe Biden had voted for the War with Iraq.

    Regime change in Iraq was the policy of the Clinton/Gore Administration.

    That Administration clearly believed Iraq had WMD and was a threat to
    use it as was demonstrated by supporting sanctions that killed an
    estimated 800,000 Iraqis during the Clinton/Gore years and numerous air
    attacks on Iraqi defense sites and suspected WMD related locations. The
    WMD was the justification for the war in Iraq, not 9/11.

    Hussein was a terrorist leader with WMDs and violated his ceasefire
    agreement in numerous ways.


    Gore ran hard on the US increasing defense spending and having a
    muscular foreign policy. Remember, at the time, Bush was talking about compassionate conservatism and the need to be more restrained in foreign policy, avoiding unnecessary foreign entanglements (like Afghanistan,
    Somalia, etc.). Of course some of us saw through the nonsense. Both were
    doing the worst sort of pandering in order to expand their appeal with
    voters. The reality is that Bush campaigned for expensive domestic oil
    and gas, and US companies supported his campaign, while complaining
    about the low price of oil and how Saddam was dumping oil. He also
    campaigned on regime-change for Iraq (thus contradicting himself). Which
    brings me back to Gore—his party too supported regime-change for Iraq,
    and people quite like Gore in Congress supported the evil war criminal
    regime of Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rice. However, if you take the
    alternative history in another direction it leads to this: that had a Democratic president been in office when 9–11 occurred, he would have
    been impeached for incompetence—

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