• Think about it - Blatant over reaction and double standard.

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    On 1/20/2021 9:14 AM, Baxter wrote:
    One thing that struck me this morning...The Insurrection Inciter did not
    need 25K National Guard to protect him this morning because "lefties"
    aren't rabid terrorists.

    Soon to be President Biden WILL need 25K National Guard men and women to protect HIM today because the right is full of rabid terrorists.

    What nonsense.
    The number of National Guard (25K) is related to the fear
    of the Democrats, rather than any number needed.
    It looks like nothing more than the standard security
    was needed or appropriate.
    All the rest was just wasted time and money.

    On our Seattle streets, plenty of BLM protests have
    been held, lots of businesses broken into and looted,
    at least 5 police cars burned and destroyed. About
    5 blocks of our Capital Hill were taken over by
    the BLM type crowd, the Mayor tried the "Summer of Love'
    label, but when leftists killed a couple other leftists,
    she had to finally give up on that and restore normal order.
    Many businesses have given up. Gov Inslee did not care
    and acted like he did not know about it.

    But meanwhile, around 100 Right wing protestors
    marched on Gov. Inslee's mansion, entered the gates,
    marched around and did minor damage. So, in
    response to that, they have hundreds of National
    Guard in uniform around Olympia. Great wasted expense.
    Blatant over reaction and double standard.

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