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    [corrections I made ca. 12 hours earlier in <news:1854950.h90O4IymGf@PointedEars.de>]

    The Einstein–Szilárd letter didn't urge the building of bomb. It stated the possibility that something might be done with the newly discoverred fission in Germany, and Germany seemed suddenly interested in Uranium. It suggested the US government decide what to do with the research being done
    in the US.

    If you read <http://docs.fdrlibrary.marist.edu/psf/box5/a64a02.html>, what
    do you think Szilárd was referring to with the “experimental work” for which
    uranium should be ”secured”, when he wrote about the prospect of building a bomb just one page before that?

    Certainly Alexander Sachs who delivered the letter to Roosevelt, understood
    it *also* to be an endorsement to build an atomic bomb:


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