• Vindication of Sherman Tanks

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    The T-34 was obsolescent (as was the Sherman, I think you may want to
    note my syntax here, since I've never said "obsolete") by June of '44
    as well, and this was well recognized by the Soviets.

    The T-34, obsolete in June 1944 ? The T-34/85 had more armour frontally than a
    Tiger (counting the effect of slope), the firepower of a M4A3E8(76), and the mobility of a Cromwell ! And you call it obsolete ???

    <shakes head>


    The T-34/85 didn't have more armor than a Tiger. The front of a later M4 did, but I digess.

    The S-53 is not as good as the 76mm at range in AP performance. The T-34 in any variant didn't have the mobility of a Cromwell.

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