• Help with document in former Norwegian church in Michigan, USA

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    On Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 1:06:14 AM UTC+1, Carol wrote:
    Recently, the pastor of a local Lutheran church in Manistee, Michigan,
    was given a document that was found under a stage in a former
    Norwegian church just down the street. The original Norwegian church building is being remodeled and its stage removed after a chiropractor bought the building.

    The town of Manistee had (and still has) a significant percentage of population with Scandinavian heritage, along with mainly German,
    Polish, and English. The Lutheran church in question maintains old churchbooks from churches that no longer exist, including Danish,
    Norwegian, Swedish, and German, and that is why the people who are remodeling the old Norw. church gave the pastor this document.

    The letterhead reads "J. C. Franck & Son, Dealers in Groceries and Provisions, 356 East River Street, Manistee, Mich., May 4 1888."

    The rest is handwritten in Norwegian. I think I understand most of
    what it says, but I would appreciate a translation from someone who
    actually knows the language. Here it is:

    Denne Platform blev medlaget [or nedlaget?] den 4 Maj 1888 af
    Christ Østby og John C. Franck, og er bekosted af den Norske Ungdoms Forening, telhørende den Norsk. Ev. Luth. Menighed i Manistee Mich.
    Gud bevare denne Menighed
    Mange takk from Carol

    I just happened to come accross your question and asked my Norwegian husband to translate it. My grandfather was Pastor of the Norwegian church in Manistee in the 1940's and 1950's.


    This platform ws made by Christ Østby og John C. Franck and paid for by the Norwegian youth association which is part of the Norwegian Evangelical Congregation in Manistee Mich. God preserve/sustain this congregation.

    Melisande Mattson Engebretsen Oslo, Norway

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