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    [I'd rather switch to top-down - country, state/province/county, place - because then location lists would come in a sensible order (all the
    England places together, ditto all the US ones) rather than listing New Jersey, New York, and New Zealand next to each other - but can't,
    because in the software I use (Brother's Keeper) the autocomplete
    function for locations (F8) currently is only starts-with rather than contains, so I'd have to scroll through all the England places.]

    It would be nice to be able to search on each of the segments of the
    place name. ie if the location is:Milan Twp. Allen Co, Indiana
    It would be nice to be able to search on Milan or Allen or Indiana.

    Actually, that's one slight snag with your "use the modern name" policy
    - when there's a major border move, and/or completely new county, what
    was the modern name ceases to be so, so global changes are needed.
    Probably less of a problem in the US as I don't think state boundaries
    change much. (I don't know about US counties.)

    There is one major situation like this in the US. That is the state of
    West Virginia. Prior to the 1860 this whole state was part of
    Virginia. Because the citizens of that area prefered the Union they
    stayed with the north, and became a new state.

    Again I handle this location like others, If I have an ancestor whose
    home was in Virgina in 1850 and it became West Virginia after the
    1860's, I list the location as West Virginia. With a note.

    I have family who originated in Germany, I can find their German home on
    the map, but have much difficulty during research indentifying the
    historical area, or more important find the historical area on a modern map.

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