• The September 2019 Issue of the Galitzianer

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    Gesher Galicia is delighted to announce the release of the September
    2019 issue of our quarterly research journal, the "Galitzianer." This
    issue portrays Galicia from different perspectives - historical,
    political, architectural, and geographical - and takes readers on a
    journey from the birth of Austrian Galicia to today.

    In the September issue, we experience Emperor Joseph II's early
    encounters with the Jews of Galicia, and we witness the evolution of
    Jewish participation in local politics. We read about an assistant
    rabbi from Dolina whose loyalty to the state helped him to maintain
    his job. We meet a Jewish architect with an artistic legacy that lives
    on in Lviv and a family legacy that lives on in the US Congress. We
    are introduced to two brothers from Dynow, whose lives diverged
    dramatically during World War II. Finally, we get to know Steven
    Turner and learn how a question about his surname took him on a quest
    that ultimately led to his new position as president of Gesher Galicia.

    Here are the articles in the September issue:
    - "Interview with Steven S. Turner"
    - "Research Corner: Discoveries in the Archives" by Tony Kahane
    - "Becoming Habsburg Galitzianers" by Andrew Zalewski
    - "Jewish Political Rights: Evolution in Participation" by Borries Kuzmany
    - "The Life of Jozef Awin" by Sergey R. Kravtsov
    - "New Finds: Old Regional Maps" by Jay Osborn
    - "Two Brothers: Parallel Lives and Divergent Paths" by Nina Talbot

    The "Galitzianer" is a membership benefit of Gesher Galicia; for
    membership information, visit our website at
    www.geshergalicia.org/membership/ . Both members and nonmembers alike
    are invited to submit articles on Galicia-related topics. For details
    on our submissions policy, see www.geshergalicia.org/the-galitzianer/#submissions or contact me at submissions@geshergalicia.org .

    Jodi G. Benjamin
    Editor, The Galitzianer
    Gesher Galicia

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