• The JGS of Montreal - "The Jews of China and Beyond" - Monday, October

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    Shanah Tovah to all our members and friends!

    The Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal,
    in association with the Jewish Public Library,
    presents: Dr. Jack Hirschberg, speaking on:
    "The Jews of China and Beyond"

    The rejoining of ancient Jewish communities with world-wide Jewry in recent times, including the descendants of the tribe of Menasse in Manipur, the
    Jews of Keifeng, the Jews of Azerbaijian, the Jews of Pitigliano, even
    South & Central America...the finding of an ancient stone in the
    Smithsonian indicating that ancient Israelites travelled to North America.
    The prophet Isaiah predicted that one day all dispersed Jews would find
    each other. And...only 70 years after the Shoah I discovered relatives in
    the stetls of Bedzin, Sosnovitz & Katovice in Poland, in the same stetls
    where my parents lived.

    The meeting will be held on
    Monday, October 07, 2019, 2019, at 7:30 pm
    Gelber Conference Centre, 5151 Cote Ste-Catherine/1 Carre Cummings

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    Merle Kastner
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