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    Seeking help for brick wall re: paternal maternal great
    grandmother Asne Minna FILVINSKY GITTES

    How can I search farther back in time to be able to connect Asne
    Minna's parents and family to the rest of the FILVINSKY family? I have
    scoured JewishGen and cannot find Asne Minna, her brother or her parents.

    My paternal maternal great grandmother Asne Minna FILVINSKY GITTES,
    was a daughter of Shmuel Zev and Ester Filvinsky (maiden name unknown), a sister of brother Muska Getsel Filvinsky (and probably other siblings).
    My conundrum is how and where these four Filvinskys fit into the other Filvinskys for whom I have a detailed and extensive Filvinsky tree
    comprised of family originally from Lithuania in the US, Russia, and
    Israel. I am glad to provide the tree to you if you think you may be able
    to spot a connection.

    FILVINSKY, sometimes spelled PILVINSKY, was not a common name in Lithuania. Importantly, two Osna Minnas, born in 1928, were named after
    my Asne Minna: Elsa (Osna Minna) Philwin (Filvinsky) and Osna Minna
    Goldstein Fenner. The first cousin, Elsa Philwin, appears in the
    extensive US-Russian-Israeli Filvinsky tree; Osna Fenner does not. Elsa
    was the granddaughter of Mikhel Aron FILVINSKY b. 1854 and Fannie (Feiga
    Liba SHUR, and great granddaughter of Movsha Girsh FILVINSKY b.1834 and
    Malke Leiba WULFOWITZ. My Asne Minna is in the middle of those two generations, being b. ~1844, but neither she nor her father Shmuel Zev
    appears in the Filvinsky tree. Shmuel Zev's name was on her matseva;
    both her parents' names were on her death certificate. Elsa knew that
    she was named after cousin Asne Minna Filvinsky, but not how they were
    related. Elsa has passed away.

    Asne Minna was born in Adutiskis, Svencionys, Vilnius Lithuania in
    July 1844. (Adutiskis was Hoduciszki, Poland during the interwar period).
    Her father was Shmuel Zev and mother Esther. Asne had a brother Muska
    Getsel. Asne Minna may have run a brewery in Lithuania.

    Asne Minna emigrated to New York City, arriving on Mar 7, 1893 on the Rugia from Hamburg with daughter Rochel(Rose)b. abt 1873, son Mikhel b.abt 1877, daughter Hanna b.abt 1886, and daughter Brune(Bertha)b. abt 1870.
    Her husband Moses GITTES emigrated before them. Because Moses and Asne
    Minna's daughter Blume did not emigrate, they lived with and took care of grandchildren Sam and Annie Radin in New York City. Moses died April 28,
    1918 at their home at 17 E 119th St, New York City, death certificate
    #14499 and is buried next to Asne Minna.

    Asne died February 14, 1927 in West New York, Hudson, New Jersey,
    USA. She is buried in Washington Cemetery, McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, Kings,
    New York, USA, B'nai Aaron Anshe Wilkomir, 1 Post 40 Row 3 #18.

    Thank you very much for your suggestions.

    Best Regards,
    Susan Goldsmith
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