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    We are pleased to announce that the Philadelphia Jewish Genealogical
    Society of Greater Philadelphia (PJGSGP) and the Philadelphia Jewish
    Archives Center (PJAC) has merged. PJAC has had a long association
    with PJGSGP. Genealogical research both utilizes and generates
    important archival material. The combined organization will
    facilitate the transfer to, and the availability of meaningful
    archival documents at the PJAC Collection at Temple. Our new name is
    JGASGP - Jewish Genealogical and Archival Society of Greater
    This is our 40th year! We are planning a very special celebration on
    May 3rd at the National Museum of American Jewish History. Special
    guest speaker, fabulous kosher brunch, museum visit, and parking will
    be part of the package. Spring is the best time to visit Philadelphia!
    Contact me to be put on our e-mail list mazergoldenjgsgp@gmail.com. Invitations will be sent out by e-mail.

    Date: Sunday, September 22, 2019
    Time: 1-1:30 research help
    1:30 meeting and lecture
    Place: Congregation Keneseth Israel
    8339 Old York Road
    Elkins Park, PA 19027
    *Note that this meeting starts later than our usual time of 1:00.
    There is secured free parking.
    Speaker: Sarina Roffe
    Sarina Roffe is a career journalist and holds a masters in
    Jewish Studies. She is the editor of Dorot for JGS of NY, the author
    of Branching Out from Sepharad, and has researched numerous
    genealogies including the Kassin and Labaton rabbinic dynasties and is considered an expert in Syrian Jewry. She is a member of the IAJGS
    board, co-chair of the Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative and
    founder of the Sephardic Heritage Project. She is a member of
    Brooklyn's Syrian Jewish community.

    Program: "Solving a Converso Mystery" Sarina Roffe, a respected
    expert on Sephardic history, will discuss her work solving a
    genealogical mystery that begins in Spain before the 1492 Expulsion.
    What happened to Senor Shlomo Kassin from 1492 to 1540 when he shows
    up in Aleppo? The author of Branching Out from Sepharad, Roffe solves
    the mystery and provides an overview of Sephardic Jewish life in
    Iberia, Aleppo and Brooklyn.

    Branching Out from Sepharad
    With the Foreword written by Dr. Walter Zenner A'H, Branching
    Out From Sepharad outlines the history of Jews in Spain, the 1492
    Expulsion, the history of Jews in Syria, and follows them to the
    Chapters include research on the term Sephardic Jew, Genealogy in the
    Torah, and Sephardic Naming Practices. Roffe writes the 100-year
    history of the Brooklyn community, discussing the sociological impact
    of careers, philanthropy, traditions, and educational beliefs as they
    changed over a century.

    Visitors are always welcome $5@

    JGASGP website www.jgsgp.org is now available with the latest news,
    upcoming meeting notices, and links to Philadelphia resources. We can
    also be found on Facebook. Please note that we also have a speakers
    Bureau which is available to local groups on the various subjects
    concerning genealogy.

    Marilyn Golden
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