• Bernard Divine

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    Hi Cindy!

    I came across a Bernard Devine born to Bernard and Ann in 1832 at kilcullen parish in county kildare. This is a few km from Harristown, the Latouche residence and Carnalway, your ancestors birth home so I think you can be sure they were from this neck
    of the woods. Finding out who his parents were may not be easy but I would concentrate on that particular area and the Latouches of Harristown etc.. would they have any family papers in archives etc?

    I also saw the birth of Dennis 1835 and Lucy 1830... not your average Catholic names! Again maybe look at the names of sponsors.. usually family or friends. Who were they? Did they stay in Ireland? In short, work with what you know for sure and learn
    as much as you can about Bernard in Ann, so doing might just lead you back a little further! Good luck 😉

    Thank you for the info. I know he was born around 1801 and married Mary Ann Agar around 1829. As far as I know Mary Ann Divine was his first daughter (ne 1830). They all moved to NY in 1846 but I am unsure who sponsored them or why. They actually headed
    straight to Green Co, Ga. Some say Bernard returned to Cloister to die in 1875 but I am unsure of this and think the finding may be a coincidence. Maybe this could be a relative since it is in the right area. This is very exciting.
    I have emailed everyone I can think of in Kildare for old records and only hit dead ends (surely they kept records of who worked for LaTouche?) I feel so sure it was his father. Do you have any contacts in Ireland?
    Thank you for the help.
    Cindy Divine

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    I've found my great great great grandparents marriage record and three of their children. I just paid $40.00 to the church of Ireland to look for birth records of Bernard and MaryBeth ann in their parish but there was no record. Did people change
    religions very often? Could they have been Roman Catholic and became Church or Ireland?
    I also found two letters that Bernard wrote while he was the deputy of petty sessions in 1830.

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    Hello- I've been researching my GGG grandfather Bernard Divine (Devine) but seemed to have hit a brick wall.
    Things I know: He and his wife and children immigrated to the US on Nov 20, 1846 aboard the Patrick Henry. His wife is Mary Ann Agar. They were married in 1829
    Things I have been told : he was born in Carnalway in 1801.

    I found a message on a scrap of paper from my Granddather that says: was clerk of courts in Kildare under LaTouche. Also family is related to the Divine one Huguenots of France. Can anyone please direct me on how to find out his parents and family?
    Thank you
    Cindy Divine

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    Does anyone have further info on Bernard Divine or his parents or siblings?

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