• Re: "Parish's Food"my sisters and I were given a big spoon full of cod

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    On Tuesday, 30 October 2001 at 22:17:29 UTC+10, bmul wrote:
    delicate children were given cod liver oil and parishes food,,,they went together,,a vbig spoonful of each ,every morning,,parishes food was i
    think a iron supplement\\and had a nice \ taste unlike cod liver
    oil,,\\most kids were given it every morning
    Geoffrey S Sewell <ge...@slagment.co.za> wrote in message news:3bde5...@news1.mweb.co.za...
    This is probably the best place to find some answers. My father was born and raised in Dunmurry, NI. Reading through his account of what he st
    people had one]can
    remember growing up he recounts that he was 'delicate' as a child which necessitated frequent doses of "Parish's food". Can anyone tell me what
    was? I have many other questions that i will post over time. His memoirs make for interesting reading.

    Geoffrey Sewell
    South Africa

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