• REQUEST FOR SCHOLARSHIP: The name Drough (Drew)

    From Len Camp@21:1/5 to All on Wed Mar 17 09:30:09 2021
    Well, 20 years on but I came across your conversation during a search.

    Dan Drew mentioned: "...My sister, in fact, married happily into a family of Irish Huguenot origins [Campaigne]..."

    With regard to Irish Huguenot origins, I am quite certain my ancestors fled France and settled in Ireland c1690.
    I have some reference to County Cavan in birth records and pre-Canada census data dating back to the mid-1700s.
    Some of the Campaigne clan from Ireland emigrated to Canada and others to the United States of America.

    I would be interested to know your sister's name and which Campaigne family she married into to see if I have that branch.

    Leonard O. Campaigne, Lieutenant-Colonel (RCAF, Retired)
    El Mirage, Arizona, USA

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