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    I have reached a dead end. I can find no records worldwide for my birth father SEAN DOHERTY despite seeking him since 1984

    I have trawled for years through Ancestry UK and paid for worldwide membership and used Ancestry DNA. I am 54% from Ireland - Munster area. My adoption papers say Sean is my father. He wrote in his name to the Adoption Agency in the Northampton Catholic
    Diocese UK setting out his wishes for me and a bit of his background. He paid for my stay in the home for babies run by the Catholic Welfare Organisation in 1964. He is nowhere to be found!

    I was born in Colchester Dec 1963 to Edna Goldsmith (deceased) and Sean Doherty. The couple named me Dominique Elizabeth Doherty Goldsmith. But I was illegitimate and the couple were not going to marry. Six moths later I was placed in the baby unit and
    from there I was placed with my adoptive parents.

    Before Edna died she talked to me about Sean. I looked like him black grey hair, blue eyes 163cm pale white skin. It was difficult for her because of our similar appearance. She knew little of Sean other than he was born in the 1920s in Ireland. He and
    his family migrated to Australia where he then grew up. He married as a young man and had a daughter with his wife in the 1950s. They then divorced and Sean began travelling. He landed up in Colchester and his gift of talking and outgoing nature seduced
    Edna and they shared ahouse and bed during a very cold winter. Sean made friends in North Essex with familys who had money. He aid he was a writer and fundraiser for an irish political organisation/ 1n 1964 Edna and Sean said their goodbyes and they
    both vanished.

    I tracked Edna down finally in 2000 and we had a relationship until she died last year from COVID symptoms. I went into overdrive trying to find evidence of Sean and given his age i have assumed he has died. But not a scrap of evidence.

    If anyone has any ideas as to where I might go next I would be eternally greatful, even the adoption agency has been unable to find any starting point or documentation relating to Sean.

    Best wishes all, stay safe

    Nikki Young

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