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    I'm new to this list and hope I get get some help. An old letter handed down telling of family tradition has just come to me. The family name has been spelled many different ways, so information on a name which could possibly be one of the above would be of interest.

    More than likely, it was in the early or mid 1600's, when five CAUDLE brothers left Scotland and went to Ireland. No one seems to know where in Ireland. The brothers names were John, Joseph, Alexander, David, and Andrew.
    Later, at least David and Andrew went to America and settled on the James River in Virginia Colony. Evidently they were in America by 1680.

    Can anyone please help me.

    Bud Caudle
    Guthrie, Oklahoma, USA

    I see it's been 11 years since you posted this, but did you ever find an answer? I am a Caudle trying to trace my ancestry ans believe they did go from Scotland to Ireland to the US, but can't find anything to prove it.

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    My children are Caudill decendants from the same area! We live in NC, USA. Just an interesting thought, check Barbados records. Also read about Cromwell's massive forced indenturing of Irish and Scottish prisoners of war. Most of Maryland, VA and NC were
    settled by these prisoners of war.

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