• Carew of Woodinstown

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    Dear Harry,

    I would like to ask you a few question regarding the property at Woodinstown, if you have time. It appears I am part of Tom Magness's larger family. I've looked at some pictures but I can't tell much. I understand you don't know much about the history
    but you might tell me something about the way my ancestors lived just by telling me about the layout of the yard. I'm keeping this short as your post was 6 years ago.

    God bless

    John Paul
    Barrie, Ontario

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    On Thursday, April 30, 1998 7:00:00 PM UTC+12, Tom Magness wrote:
    Seeking information about the lineage of my great, great grandfather,

    Robert Shapland Carew, of Wodenston (Woodinstown), co. Tipperary, born
    in 1819, died 14 April 1889 and was buried in Mt. Jerome Cemetery,

    Woodinstown is located in Knockgraffon parish, in the barony of Middlethird, co. Tipperary, province of Munster, four miles south of
    Cashel on the road to Cahir, comprised of 459 acres (OS Parish List

    His wife, Euphemia Gordon, daughter of Rev. Thomas Gordon of Clonmel,
    born 29 October 1829, died 21 February 1864 and was buried in St. Catherine's Cemetery, Ontario, Canada.

    He was J. P. for Wodenston, co. Tipperary. He went to Canada sometime before 1850 with his wife and his sister, Mary Ann and her husband,
    Thomas Armstrong, to grant lands for the King of England.

    He returned to Ireland upon the decease of his father, Joseph, who died October 1873, to take possession of Grangebarry and other lands in co. Tipperary.

    Joseph Carew was the 2nd son of Robert Carew the elder of Meadowstown Castle, Wodenston, who died in 1806, and heir to his brother, Robert
    Carew the younger, who died 20 Oct 1872 at the age of 82.

    Does anyone have information about the link between Robert Shapland
    Carew of Woodinstown, co. Tipperary, and Robert Shapland Carew of Castleboro, co. Wexford?

    Thanks for your help.

    Tom Magness

    I don't have anything to add to the historical facts laid out above. I did however own the old residence of Woodinstown Castle for about 10 years from about 1975 until 1985 (approx) and did a lot of work to make the place habitable. It was sold to a
    French family when I emigrated to New Zealand where I still reside. The property was charming and impressive but it was always difficult to research the history in the days before the internet. Harry Devonish, Christchurch, New Zealand

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  • From John Paul Bradford@21:1/5 to All on Sun Aug 30 18:18:13 2020
    To all Researchers.

    I've been in contact with Harry and we've done some good work on Woodinstown. I've made some good progress on the Carew family as well.

    God bless

    John Paul Bradford

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  • From John Paul Bradford@21:1/5 to All on Sun Mar 14 16:19:28 2021
    I've put together a little article on the house at Woodinstown. Quite a little place. I'm still actively pursuing research on the Carew and Pyke families who lived here. Pity I missed the boat with Tom Magness and John Young c.2000. They were actually in
    contact with me but at that time our family could not demonstrate a connection to Woodinstown. It now can. Although the Carews were very much part of the Protestant establishment, one of them married (but did not become) a Catholic in 1816. This was
    Thomas Carew, whom we believe to be a son of Robert Carew (d.1806) and Frances Robbins. Some of his children came to Canada and settled in Otonabee Township outside Peterborough, Ontario (George, Mary Ann and Redmond) and others went to the US settling
    in Ottawa, Illinois (John, Michael and Margaret). I'm slowly sorting out the bits and pieces of work done by Tom Magness and John Young years ago which have been posted in various sites. Thank goodness others did the gathering years ago. So far much of
    it centres on:

    (1) The family of Joseph Carew, son of Robert Carew (d.1806) which also came to Otonabee.
    (2) The Pyke family tree especially the position of Rebecca Palmer in it.
    (3) Jane Anderson and her marrying into the Carews.
    (4) The identity of Robert Carew, father of Robert Carew of Castleboro, and his wife Ann Hyde. By 2003 Tom Magness had some interesting ideas there.

    It is unfortunate that, although some of their work in preserved on the Internet, much of their reference material to which they allude is not. Anyone interested in this, let's pool our resources.

    God bless

    J.P. Bradford

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  • From John Paul Bradford@21:1/5 to All on Wed May 5 17:39:51 2021
    A Court of Chancery case of 1809 gives a list of the children alive that year (or in 1806 when Robert Carew's will was made) of Robert Carew (d.1806) and Frances Robbins. There was a Thomas so he is confirmed as one of their children.

    God bless

    J.P. Bradford

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