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    I often wondered what England did with her convicts between 1776 and 1788.

    Browsing through the records at the Old Bailey, I read that several men sentenced to death had been reprieved and seven years transportation to
    Africa was substituted. I thought "Huh?"

    From Googling, I learned that during that interim period, among other
    schemes, convicts were transported to West Africa to staff the slave
    forts there. The idea had been mooted in 1771; the first convicts were
    sent in 1781. They were given the status of soldiers, with one of them
    as commanding officer. The venture ran into difficulties from the
    beginning; one review calls it a "Disaster." The commanding officer
    died soon after they arrived, and his substitute was only 21, and not as
    good a commander. The slave traders were worried at having thieves as supervisors. The sources are PDF pages, and so far, I have not read
    them closely.


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