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    Years ago back in the 1980s I paid a great deal of money to Debrett's in England to trace my Drew ancestors. They got back to Thomas Drew baptised 1808 in Horsley Gloucestershire and said his parents were Samuel and Hannah Drew. They could not find a
    Samuel in that county to trace back further. I thought it very strange as no descendants were named Samuel, especially back in those days when male descendants were named after fathers/grandfathers. My intuition told me it was not right. Over the
    years I checked typed transcriptions which still showed Samuel as Thomas' father but then I eventually found through the Latter Day Saints the original handwritten 1808 church baptism for Thomas in Horsley which showed he was son of JAMES and Hannah Drew!
    My Thomas named a son James and the name carried down further generations so then it made sense. A few entries above Thomas' baptism was a Samuel, father to someone else, and the original transcriber had made an error jumping a few lines, perhaps
    through tiredness. I wrote to Debretts about this and they apologised for not going back to the original available document and this was nice of them! Perhaps I should have requested a refund. Regardless It is always good to go back to the original
    document where possible otherwise you might be tracking people who are not yours!
    Valerie Wotton

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