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    From Ruth Wilson@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 21 16:28:41 2020
    I'm not sure if I am having a problem with Ancestry messaging. I have
    contacted several people over the past few months and heard nothing back
    from any of them, including one known relative who contacted me years
    ago (and so is actively researching). I did see someone's profile
    recently that had her email on as she thought the messaging system
    wasn't working well for her, and that made me wonder.

    Also, on the new-ish messages, I now I have a list of messages sent and received on the right hand side of the page. Some of these messages have
    a tick next to them, but there is no indication of what this means. In
    fact, this applies only to the more recent ones sent and to which I have
    had no reply.

    There are a couple of these people I wouldn't be surprised not to hear
    from, but 100 per cent 'failure' rate makes me wonder! I am considering messaging one of my more active cousins who I know will reply, but I
    don't want to bother people unnecessarily.



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