• The s.g.b FAQs (and their retirement, or at least mine)

    From Jon Green@21:1/5 to All on Sun Sep 6 19:28:54 2020
    Hi all,

    @ There are fewer and fewer postings in this newsgroup now, between the
    monthly FAQs remainders.

    @ The genealogy-britain.org.uk domain has very recently expired, due to
    my stupidity. (Distracted by job-seeking.)

    @ The existing FAQs site - now no longer accessible from that domain due
    to expiry - is so far behind the current versions of its content
    management system* (CMS) software that it's well-nigh impossible to
    bring it up-to-date and patch it for security. Content would have to be transferred to a new CMS, and that maintained on a new server.

    To get everything up and running - and, for the website, up-to-date -
    will require considerable effort (and some cost). With the initial
    points in mind, I'm not convinced these are justified, but perhaps
    another member is.

    If someone is prepared to step up to the bar and take over, I will be
    delighted to renew and pass control of the domain, and assist in
    transferring data from the old site, otherwise the FAQs will simply cease.

    So...if you want to volunteer, please email me (note the spam block,
    described in my signature below) or follow-up on this thread. Bear in
    mind that this is a job for someone who is very technically minded,
    probably an IT professional.

    I'll still be around from time to time on the group, of course. It's
    just that this is an administrative load and cost I can no longer afford
    to expend for the limited benefit I perceive they deliver now.

    All the best,


    (* CMSes store the variable content of the site in a database, and the
    fixed content, such as graphics, in a file structure the database and
    code know about.)
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