• Banns AND Certificate

    From Ruth Wilson@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jun 28 11:10:47 2021
    I've seen a few marriage entries, Stogumber, Somerset, c. 1770 which
    stated that marriage was by Banns and Certificate. One of them stated
    that it was by Certificate from Clatworthy i.e. nearby parish. However,
    plenty of other marriages had a party from another parish, and were just
    by Banns. I did wonder if it was when the bride/groom was from another
    parish, but that theory didn't work either.

    I'm assuming that when the Banns were read in your home parish, you were
    given a Certificate of evidence to take to the place of marriage. These
    entries do seem only to be for a short period, under one priest, so I
    wonder if it was him being more assiduous in recording this.

    (I did post this on a FB group, only to get people telling me you could
    get married by Banns or Licence - it's not a licence, as there are other entries giving these - or telling me they got married by licence 30
    years ago ... I ignored them, with admirable restraint, I thought.)

    I've not come across this before. It isn't my family, but I am interested.


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