• awareness of colour-blindness in WW1 army?

    From cecilia@21:1/5 to All on Mon Feb 22 23:35:20 2021
    My understanding from family stories was that my great-uncle
    (1891-1918) was colour-blind (red-green-brown). It became clear later
    that two of his sisters were carriers.

    Is there any likelihood that my great-uncle's WW1 army file might have
    such a detail about an officer?

    (I could be wrong - which is why I ask - but I expect not, since in
    WW2 an army doctor, sent the Ishihara plates to use as required, went
    into the mess, asked for somone who thought he might be colourblind,
    got one of my relatives, worked with him on the plates for 30 minutes
    of so, - and expressed his gratitude for having been shown the
    condition before he accused his colleagues of a leg-pull.)

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