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    Does anybody have information on the following family that
    they would be willing to share? Any help in discovering the
    history of my family in France would be greatly appreciated!

    My great-great-grandfather, Emmanuel PELTIER, was born in
    France about 1794/1795, possibly in Nantes. He was the son of
    Sauveur PELTIER (deceased before Oct 1824) and of Marie CAILLEAU
    of Maine-et-Loire, who was residing in Nantes in 1824 and 1825.

    Some time before 1818, Emmanuel PELTIER went to West Baton
    Rouge Parish, Louisiana, where he established a plantation and a
    sucrerie. In 1833, he married Louise BABY "of New Orleans." I
    still have not identified her parents, but I believe she was
    descended from Jacques BABIE or BABY of Agen, France, who went to
    Canada in 1665 with the company of St-Ours, Regiment de Carignan.

    Emmanuel and Louise had three sons--Emmanuel Sauveur, Louis
    Edouard, and Valerien Felix--and one or two daughters--Marie
    and/or Angela. The daughter(s) died before 1830; the three sons
    outlived their father, who died in 1833. Louise BABY, widow
    PELTIER, took her three sons to France, where they grew up--
    possibly in Nantes. I don't know any more about the two younger
    sons. Emmanuel Sauveur studied to be a priest, then changed his
    mind and went to sea. In 1859, he married Ellen LANDERS of
    County Kerry, Ireland, whom he met in Australia. They had six
    children, four of whom lived to adulthood:

    - Joseph M. PELTIER (1860-1926) married Marguerite HEINIMANN
    and lived in San Francisco, California
    - Francis Michael PELTIER (1861/62-1939) married Maria
    Adelaida RIVAS and lived in Mexico
    - Patrick Marie PELTIER (1865-1936) married Marie Eugenie
    Madeleine JACQUET and lived in France; he served overseas with
    the French Army in Indochina and Africa, as well as in France
    - Marie Louise PELTIER (1867-1939) married Timothy John
    O'KEEFE and lived in Arizona; she was my grandmother

    Ellen LANDERS died in 1869, in Melbourne, Australia;
    Emmanuel Sauveur PELTIER died in 1906, in San Francisco.

    In the succession file of the first Emmanuel (who died in
    1833) there is mention of three brothers--Sauveur, Felix, and
    Edouard PELTIER, who were in Nantes in 1821. These brothers may
    have been Emmanuel's father Sauveur and two uncles; or they may
    have been related in some other way. A Sauveur PELTIER was named
    as witness or baptismal sponsor in Louisiana church records after
    Emmanuel's father was known to be deceased. -- Note that the
    first Emmanuel named his three sons after these brothers of

    My mother believed that a relative of the first Emmanuel, a
    Felix PELTIER, lived in New York City. I don't know if he was
    one of the three brothers named above. City directories show a
    Felix PELTIER in New York from 1818 to 1836. He may have married
    about 1822/23; the 1830 census shows three children under 10 in
    his household. I know nothing more about him.

    I would be most grateful for any information that would help
    me identify my PELTIER ancestors in France, as well as their
    families. Merci beaucoup!

    Sue BUDLONG in Falls Church, Virginia, U.S.A.

    Or via my husband, Jack WEAVER, 71421.614@compuserve.com

    Mon nom est Stephane Marie Louis Peltier. Je suis le fils de Jacques Peltier, lui meme un des fils du General Peltier. J'habite aux Etats-Unis depuis 1977 et j'ai deux enfants.

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