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    On Wednesday, June 16, 1999 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, Helen Flagg wrote:
    I am seeking information concerning my earliest American ancestor
    Pierre MORRISET, who left London in 1700 for America, arriving in
    James City, Va. later that year. He became a member of an early
    Huguenot settlement near Richmond, Va. called Manakintowne.
    He married Elizabeth Faure. He may have come directly from France to
    embark, or he may have been a member of a Huguenot family which
    left France earlier and resided in London or another country. I have not
    been able to locate him in the Huguenot records of England.
    I am told that there may have been two Morriset brothers who left France because of the religious persecution prevalent then. I am also told that
    the Morriset surname has been and may still be present in the LaRochelle area, that its earliest existence stems from followers of St. Maurice (little Maurice or Morris-et), who was a military leader of Theban soldiers
    and a Christian martyr, and that this surname in its earliest form may have been spelled MORRISSET/ MAURICETT. There is also an indication
    from etymological books of French surnames that this surname is
    originally from the Dauphine, Lyonnasi, Jura, or Savoie areas of France.
    I would like to make contact with anyone in France who may have
    information on the MORRISET/MORRISSETT surname and who might
    possibly give me direction for further research.
    Helen Morrissette Flagg
    Houston, Texas

    Hi Helen -- I realize that this thread is from 20 years ago, but curious if you ever found anything interesting? I'm related to Pierre Morriset too.

    John Morrissett
    Richmond, VA

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