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    Hi all,
    Anyone is going to the Louisiana genealogy get

    If so, I am interested in anything on Dupuis genetics.
    There is a syndrome in the Dupuis line which can cause
    death if you're given anesethetic. The Essex County,
    Ontario medical people (lots of Dupuis' there) are
    right up on it - but I don't think they are where I
    live. As I have three Dupuis lines converging at both
    of my grandparents - all back to the same original
    Dupuis - this is something I would like know about for
    myself and my family.

    If there is any information at all about this, I'd
    appreciate you passing it on to me.

    Thanks a bunch,
    Fran (Deschamps) LaChance
    Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

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    The Future is as Great as the Promises of God

    Hi all, I am a current Queen's University medical student and distant descendant from the comartin line. I am researching malignant hyperthermia incidents and testing and could use some help. If anyone has any information please respond to this so we can
    connect further.

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