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    Hi Genealogists! As an amateur genealogist, I have been able to trace my roots back
    to Moselle dept., and Bas Rhin, France. When I started, all I knew is
    that family lore said our ancestors came from Alsace Lorraine. When a
    nice lady in Chicago noticed a similarity between my name and the name Ashman, I investigated and found that,
    yes Peter Ashman of Darke County, Ohio had lived and died by the "Ashman" name,
    but had originally been an "Eschmann". Peter Ashman was born in
    Moselle dept., (Alsace) France. After much research of Schorbach, many Eschmanns
    were found but not my ancestor Nicolaus Eschmann. Further research of
    nearby towns showed that Nicolaus had been born in Bousseviller in 1802.
    His spouse,
    Anna Mary Clos, had been born there too 2-2-1802. They were married there April 26,
    1832 and came to America. Now Nicolaus parents, Balthasar Eschman, b. Schorbach 9 Aug, 1755, and Christine Picard were married 1797 in Bousseviller.
    A previous marriage by Balthasar to Catherine Muller, 1777 in Walshbronn ended in
    her death in 1794 in Bousseviller. Catherine's parents were Nicolas
    Muller and Madeleine Oliger. Balthasar was the son of Jean (Johannes) Eschmann who married
    Anna Catherine Weber daughter of Sebastian Weber and Anna Catherine
    Kuchler, 13 Nov, 1731 in Schorbach, France. The couple had six children.
    The marriage ended 19 May 1748 with her death. Balthasar married a second time to Catherine Heil daughter of Balthasar Heil, mother's name unknown.
    The marriage took place between 1748 and 1750. Six children were born to
    this union. Jean Eschmann' Parents were Benedict (Benoit) Eschmann d.
    bef. 1731, and Gertraud Hennius. One other child, Christian Eschmann is
    known to be born of this union. Christian was born
    in Schorbach. He married Othillia Zimmerman 5 Nov 1732. Ten children were born of
    this union. It is believed that Benedict was born 4 July 1669 in
    Morrsbronn. His parents were Hans Ulrich Eschmann and Margaretha Muller.
    Two other siblings were Born in Preuschdorf. If anyone has information to expand on what I already know, I would be most interested and most
    grateful. If you name is Eschmann, I would be especially glad hearing
    from you. I have some theories, not previously discussed, as to where
    these Eschmanns originated. Thank you in advance. Charles J. Eschman

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