• MARQUES(Is this a French name?)

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    Aloha from Hawaii! My gr-gr grandfather was Antonio Marques. He married
    Emilia Carolina Costa in the Azores. I always thought he was portuguese but
    was just told from a gr-aunt he was French. I looked up the name and its
    origin, and it comes from Languedoc. Does anyone know where this is in
    France? And is Marques a French name? Thank you!Languedoc is a region in the south of France, which main city is
    Montpellier. I think this could appear in your atlas.

    Many french people in the south of france has names with hispanic
    sound-like. There was a great immigration at all dates between these countries. Most of the time the name was modified to sound or spell more french-like. Marques may be a modification of an original marquez...

    This is a very common name in all the south of france, good luck

    Aloha from Paris

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    Marques is from Marquette of 17th french ancestry.
    This is part of the french history, of Marques.
    Links too England, & Canada.

    Bon Chance

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