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    Le samedi 24 avril 1999 03:00:00 UTC-4, Patrick Rock a écrit :

    I recently read of the execution of Jacques Bertault and his wife,
    Gilette Banne (or Baune), and even though I know that punishments in the
    17th century were considerably more barbaric than our own time, the
    story still causes one to shudder.

    They were convicted of the poisoning murder of their son-in-law, Julien LaTouche.

    Both were stripped except for a shift of some kind and forced to kneel
    before Quebec's parish church with ropes around their necks and burning torches in their hands and "to beg for God's and the King's

    They were taken to the main square of the Upper city, and Bertault was strangled on a croix St-Andre (an X-shaped cross), but was spared having
    his limbs also broken beforehand (they were broken AFTER his death),
    while his wife was condemned to watch her husband's death and then
    submit to the same punishment, less the broken limbs (as if that were a comfort).

    Their daughter, Isabelle, was also judged guilty of the murder but
    spared the gallows due to her age (13 1/2), but (along with a fine that
    she and her parents were assessed), was forced not just to witness but
    to assist in the execution of her parents.

    Isabelle remarried less than a year after her parents' execution, had
    six children, then remarried again and had five more offspring by her
    second marriage, but one wonders what scars she carried.

    These were not my ancestors, but were in-laws to an ancestor of mine,
    Denis Verroneau, whose first marriage was to Marguerite Bertault

    My questions are thus:

    Are there any records of the murder case itself? It seems they were obviously guilty of killing Julien LaTouche, but was a reason for their
    act ever sought? Did they kill him for money, or because their daughter
    did not want to remain married to him, or were they defending their
    daughter from a bestial spouse? Was this an unusual case, and was the execution particularly newsworthy in its time?



    Patrick Rock

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