• Stojsavljevic in Lika

    From cbeckw@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Mike on Mon Jan 11 12:55:08 2016
    Hi Mike. Strange things happen when you do genealogy.
    I was just looking up the city name of Velika Popina, to see if it was in Yugoslavia, because I was indexing Petitions for Naturalization for a DUSAN STOJSAVLJEVIC ! tHIS RECORD STATES THE FOLLOWING: Dusan was living at 2319 South 30th St. , Milwaukee,
    Wis. 53215 . He was born October 12, 1934 in Velika Popina, Lika, Yugoslavia. And Eva Stojsavljevic of 835 32nd st. Milwaukee, is listed as affadavit of witness, stating she has known him in the United States since February 11, 1973.

    Good Luck with your search! Cathryn Beckwith

    These records are being indexed now, and should shortly be available on Family Search

    On Saturday, January 6, 2001 at 12:09:35 PM UTC-7, Fischer, Mike wrote:
    Anyone have any information on the STOJSAVLJEVIC line, originally of Velika Popina, Lika? Lika is now a part of Croatia, but has been part of
    Yugoslavia and Austria, too.

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