• Why did they come to Chicago

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    Curious about the other names mentioned at the bottom of you commentary about being on a "chart". Can you give any more information? I am a Barosko researching my family that came from brezova and settled in Chicago area also

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    On Thursday, 29 May 1997 08:00:00 UTC+1, George Valko wrote:
    I believe this to be an important thread and also have asked my self the question...
    Why did they end up in Chicago. Obviously jobs. In searching my family history
    I discovered that many of the Slovaks from the area around Brezova pod Bradlom,
    Nitra, Slovakia came to Chicago to work in the tanneries. For almost three hundred years there was a tannery near Brezova in Slovakia. In Chicago the famed stockyards produced hides and thus Chicago had many tanneries
    around the turn of the Century were many Slovaks worked.
    It is interesting that my great grandfather who came to Chicago DID NOT
    work in the tanneries in Brezova. One of the 1900s Slovak neighborhoods; Chicago Avenue near Ogden & Milwaukee Avenues was not far from the
    tannery district along the Chicago River at Division. (to Armitage Ave).
    It is my guess that Chicago had enough factory work to accommodate
    immigrant workers, although some Slovaks who came were professional

    Momentum must also play a role in where they migrate to. A group of
    some must attract others.

    I would be interested in hearing from others on this subject.

    Why? I know about the coal mines in central PA. But why there, or >Chicago? (As opposed to New York City, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, or >somewhere else?) I *know* they went where there were jobs, but why *those* >jobs? Why *those* areas?

    Was there an organized effort? I know there was the effort to get >Polish/Russian Jews to enter the US through Galveston, TX, and then settle >in Texas, Colorado, etc. Was there such an effort in Galicia to assist >Polish Catholics? My grandfather-in-law KAMYKOWSKI came through Baltimore, >and moved to Minersville, PA. Why did he go through Baltimore, stay with a >family named JENKINS (doesn't sound like *they* were relatives), and move? >Why did his cousin enter Baltimore, and go directly to Chicago?

    Can we discuss some of the cultural/societal issues? Can we discuss some >of the 'color' - some of the 'fabric' of these immigrations? These people >were more than names and dates and descendants.

    George Valko
    Chicago, IL

    searching VALKO, Lutheran family Brezova pod Bradlom, Senica, Nitra, Slovakia >1892-1893 Chicago,
    other spellings, Valco, Volko, Walko

    also searching Rechtoris, Kostelny from Brezova pod Bradlom -

    other surnames in chart- Barosko, Cano, Danko, Janiss, Golosinec, Karlik, Katlovsky, Kopecky, Kriho, Kucerka, Vrana



    Good day.



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    On Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 3:47:51 PM UTC-4, jbar...@gmail.com wrote:
    Curious about the other names mentioned at the bottom of you commentary about being on a "chart". Can you give any more information? I am a Barosko researching my family that came from brezova and settled in Chicago area also

    Barosko is a good Brezova name. I have some info... email me = georgeevalko@gmail.com ARE you in the list below ??

    1-Paul T. BAROSKO-6511; born: 1929
    +Arlene MIELKE-6516; born: 1932; marr:
    2-Mark D. BAROSKO-6517; born: 1957
    +Elizabeth MUNSON-6528; born: 1960; marr:
    3-William BAROSKO-6529; born: 1992
    3-Elanor BAROSKO-6530; born: 1994
    2-Steven P. BAROSKO-6518; born: 1959
    +Deborah LEWIS-6526; born: 1961; marr:
    3-Sydney BAROSKO-6527; born: 1994
    2-James M. BAROSKO-6519; born: 1960
    2-Nancy D. BAROSKO-6520; born: 1962
    +Brian MCKENZIE-6523; born: 1961; marr:
    3-Emily MCKENZIE-6524; born: 1992
    3-Audrey MCKENZIE-6525; born: 1994
    2-Matthew J. BAROSKO-6521; born: 1969
    +Amelia KISH-6522; born: 1971; marr:

    George Valko

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