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    I am trying to find out the same information. Romaniw was my grandfather's name and came from near Lviv, Ukraine. Any news?

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    : My last name is Romaniw is Ukrainian, but I would like to know if this name
    : is common in the Ukraine. Not too many people seem to have heard of it. If : anyone could be some help, please let me know. Thanks!
    : Mike!

    For what it's worth, my mother's maiden name (which is
    Ukrainian) has 3 spellings, all of which are used by my family in
    Canada. They all come from the same root Ukrainian word, but somewhere
    in the processing of government documents, the ignorant bureaucrat
    couldn't make out what the heck these people were saying their name
    was. So, he just spelled it the way he thought it sounded. The funny
    thing is that my family nearly all live in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada, yet they still have still have different spellings--we're
    talking second and third cousins here.
    Again, I will cite my Premier, Roy Romanow. His name derives
    from Romanov. I would almost bet money yours does too. He's most
    certainly Ukrainian, so are 25% or so of the people in Saskatchewan. His name is fairly common, and I know there are various spellings.
    If your name truly comes from Romanov, you should be proud. Not
    only is it Ukrainian, but it is a fairly regal last name (the Czarist
    Romanov dynasty).

    From one Ukrainian to another...

    Marc Banzet
    (even though my name is French-Alsatian,
    I'm still mostly a Uke.)

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