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    No Miss, You did not go to far, I see the Fire in your eyes and the courage to defend your territory. i.e. "Hard Work"This Research thing takes time and patience and love and hard work and dedication for someone to just came along and scoop up and use
    without permission and then take credit is salty and foul.You go Lady, Thanks for speaking up and letting him have it. I hope more of us do speak up when things like that happens. He is a total Total Disrespect Good Luck

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    1. Re: awkward topic: plagiarism and due recognition (NancyFfrench)


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    Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 11:17:03 -0700 (PDT)
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    Subject: Re: [Carib] awkward topic: plagiarism and due recognition
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    On Wednesday, 12 July 2017 01:36:55 UTC+1, Chris Codrington wrote:
    Hello fellow Carib lurkers out there. I hope this sees you well
    and sorry this is long.

    I have had an otherwise uneventful week and a few hours ago
    blundered into what is likely to become a new and unpleasant
    experience in my long apprenticehip in History and Genealogy..

    There is a distant relative (and mean really distant) who has an
    amusing blogsite called "Genesurfing" adventures in Genealogy.

    https://genesurfing.wordpress.com/2014/11/09/thomas-codrington-s heriff-of-new-york/

    I have seen his site a few times but did not spend much
    time on it as I was happy to see another person working on the
    Codrington family stuff particularly the issues in England not
    the Carib episodes and such. The presentation is nice and he's
    sharp and he was doin his homework so Yay History! Etc

    Last year I read one page and was miffed because he had ventured
    into my "territory" (Caribbean Cods, stray Codringtons in the
    America, comparative study of existing Gen in the Americas) and
    obviously had read some of the stuff which spilled into the
    internet from Carib-L and Rootsweb and Ancestry and my articles
    on various things and my own website. So we had a short
    correspondence and the way I remember it he doesn't understand
    what I'm all upset about so I said something very moderate about
    it and got busy at work so that was the end of it.

    Today with none of that in mind I end up on his site and reading
    his analysis of somethings with great interest and then shift to
    all this stuff I don't remember seeing and begin reading it in
    detail. He had gone on into the Americas from 1600 on and is
    touching on all my pet projects and theorys including the topics
    of various articles I wrote and somethings that really are
    important to me. The stuff is structure similarly its basically
    lifted from work and some of these theories are just NOT common
    topics anywhere and prior to my internet debut did not exist
    anywhere written down.

    So I got upset. I wrote him a "note" in the notes section as

    Mr. Sidney this page particularly the "work" you are presenting
    on Thomas Codrington of New York and New Jersey and the comments
    on William Collins Codrington and Jamaica Codringtons is
    gleaned from my internet work on the subject. I see not one iota
    of new information which cannot be shown to have been written in
    various forms in correspondence or websites, genealogy boards
    etc etc by me prior to 2010....Nowhere do I see a credit or
    acknowledgement as would be customary in fair use of another's
    work. It is plagiarism pure and simple. I'm not in the habit of
    tackling people for this kind of thing but you are going way too
    far sir. You are co opting my work and research.

    The material I speak of is well known to other people in the
    Carib history and genealogy circles online the result of hard
    work since 1995. In addition to which on a personal note you
    showed some serious cheek ascribing William Codrington's birth
    to Maudlin Moraine as "of a slave" when in fact there is no
    definitive proof either way and the theory was first presented
    by me via the Historical Society of the Museum of Antigua and
    Barbuda in the '90's and printed in their Bulletin. There are a
    variety of ways Maudlin can be explained along with the language
    of the bequests themselves It is far from a simple issue to
    settle if indeed settlement will be possible. But this was an
    issue publicized and broadcast solely by me. Prior to my
    research and the material assembled by me the bequests noted in
    the two Christopher's wills had been glossed over and given
    virtually no thought by serious history folk. Comparative study
    of the Codrington family resident in the West Indies was frankly
    shoddy at best largely because the lesser members were mere play
    pieces in the constructs hung upon the two Christophers and
    tangential political cant. Only recently two otherwise
    interesting historians have given accounts of the family that
    omit the first Christopher to settle Barbados and show no
    understanding of the workings of the co-partnership which was
    largely responsible for their wealth circa 1710.

    I did not wish you anything but good will until I started
    reading your site seriously today and recognized myself in
    nearly every paragraph about the Americas. Then you declared
    William Codrington of Jamaica the son of a slave and that went
    too far. How glib! There is not enough time to articulate all
    the arguments against that likelihood.... Thus far actually

    there is no evidence to support that assertion and alot to
    refute it though I have pursued the issue with candor and a
    genuine desire to learn truth. Christopher I think you owe me
    acknowledgement on the research and material you so glibly
    published in your own name. Be that as it may I owed it to
    myself to speak up about it you went too far.

    Christopher M Codrington


    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++end panygyric!

    So now I am waiting for the" boom" One reason this really got me
    going is that somebody else has scooped my work and he's too big
    to mess with and was fairly intelligent in skirting the
    boundaries of "p"..

    Some of you have been in the game along time.what do you think?
    Was I nuts? Is this the final step into delusion and senility?

    Laura, Ernest, Madeleine?


    Happens all the time! Once you post something on the internet you lose it. But its a question of good manners as I see it. Why would any civilised person not want to give credit to the source? Common courtesy. Keith

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