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    My wife's family tree goes back to an Esther Wickham, died 1801 in
    The data below has been gleaned from a number of sources, some of which
    are family records and some from other readers of this newsgroup.
    The original Esther Wickham was reputed to own "Parson Mawle's"
    (elsewhere referred to as Parson Maul and Parson Maules), an estate of
    179 acres in the Parish of Belfast (or St Phillip), Antigua.
    She left a will dated 4 May 1797 at St Vincent.
    Esther married John Ledeatt, 18 June 1779, at St Philip, Antigua. They
    had four children.
    There were two daughters Esther Ledeatt and Eliza Ledeatt.
    The first son was William Eales Ledeatt (my wife's line. William married Eliza Sedgwick, 5 May 1818 at St Peter's, Antigua).
    The second son was George Wickham Washington Ledeatt (ca 1784 - 1866)
    who married Jane Ledwell Hill, 4 February 1807 at St John's, Antigua.
    George and Jane had six children, (There seems to be some confusion with respect to the name "Redwood" which crept into the names of two children
    as to whether they were Ledeatt-Redword's or Redword Ledeatt's - perhaps somebody can clear that up.) -
    Langford Wickham Ledeatt-Redwood (He was the eldest son, who married Elizabeth Jane Brathwaite, 13 January 1846 in Islington, London, UK).
    Jane Ledeatt, born 23 December 1812 in Antigua;
    George Wickham Athill Ledeatt, born ca. 1817 at St John's, Antigua;
    John Wickham Redwood Ledeatt, born 27 September 1819 at St John's,
    George Wickham Washington Ledeatt (2), born 7 December 1822 at St
    John's, Antigua.
    In my research concerning the confusion over the name Ledeatt-Redwood or Redwood Ledeatt, -- the Centre for the Study of the Legacy of British Slavery states that Langford Redwood Esq. was the Godfather of Langford Wickham Ledeatt-Redwood. Originally his
    name was Langford Wickham Redwood Ledeatt, but he formally changed the name. Here is the link to the source. I come through Esther Wickham Mayer Ledeatt and have been researching the slaver connections. Very sad.

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