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    There is a rather interesting bio on Ancestry that includes him. Do you have access?

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    Hello List hope all are well.it is very hot and humid here in southeastern New York .

    I am posting a research interest in

    Captain James Salmond (1694-1746) and his wife Lydia Kennedy (1701-1748).

    James had moved from Scotland to Antigua in 1730 where he bought two plantations, Sage Hill and Salmond's

    James Salmond mentions his purchase of Sage Hill (St Mary's Parish, Antigua) in his will which is in "History of Antigua" by VL Oliver

    He is noted receiving funds from the Jamaican Assembly for advances related to settlers moving into the eastern area of Jamaics CO137 but there is not detail

    Im interested in any details on either James or his wife.Any reference to which might come up on him engaged as a ship captain or merchant etc

    Thanks a lot

    Chris Codrington

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    Hi Chris , I have been working on my family tree for 11 years and my mother was Flight Lieutenant Maureen Angela Salmond and Captain James Salmond is my 5th Great Grandfather .
    I haven't got a lot of information about James but my sister and I are going through a lot of really old photos at the moment and we may have found a photo of a portrait of James amongst them !
    If you have access to Ancestry you could check out my family tree .. Yesterday Prince Phillip my 20th cousin's husband passed away ...
    Good luck on your search ..and stay healthy .. Tim

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