• 19th Century British Guiana newspapers

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    I have access to two indexes for BDMs for the following newspapers:

    1. The Colonist Newspaper - Georgetown, British Guiana 1864-1880
    2. The Argosy Newspaper - Georgetown, British guiana 1880-1896
    I did post a query a week ago.
    I am a descendant of John Melville who worked in British Guiana from
    about 1864 to 1880. He was a merchant and lived there with his wife
    and at least six children. He died there about 1879 or 1880.
    I should be grateful if you could check your newspaper indexes to see
    if there are any Melville references.

    Dear all,
    I see this hasn't been active for some years, but if anyone is still interested, I have been researching my ancestor Luigi Josa. He was "missionary to the Coolies" and spoke some Chinese, and Hindu. There have been some interesting books articles written
    about him, he was very positive about his Chinese congregation and said various things that might interest you Trev!

    Does anyone know where I can consult the original microfilms?


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