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    From Michael Drentea@21:1/5 to James W. Cropper on Sat Jul 25 17:02:12 2020
    On Sunday, September 2, 2001 at 9:16:45 AM UTC-7, James W. Cropper wrote:
    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for adding a bit of interesting and additional information on the PAUL family.
    Looks like Cindy added a few "twigs" to your Family Tree. Hope my citing of your
    information was correct.
    Say hello to Michael for me.
    Anthony Warrington wrote:
    Hi James,
    Re William Paul who was lost at sea .I think Cindy could be referring to his
    son Noel. During the seige of Singapore in WW2
    Noel was engaged to take aboard his ship ,the Viner Brooke ,all the Australian nurses and some casualties and take them back to Brisbane.The ship was divebombed for two days and finally sunk in the Java sea. Some survived to swim ashore.The Japanese found them and they were all bayonetted
    or shot save one nurse who lived to tell the tale.When the story came out there was quite a fuss about it all. Noel had a son and some brothers who didn't come back. It's all a long long way from St V. Its just for the record.

    Regards Anthony.
    Is anyone still working on this thread? [Michael Drentea] Son of Molly Gonsalves

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  • From Liz Thom@21:1/5 to Cindy Kilgore on Sat May 22 20:14:25 2021
    On Friday, August 31, 2001 at 10:46:10 AM UTC+10, Cindy Kilgore wrote:
    This is for you, James Cropper, the St. Vincent genealogical sleuth -
    Sona ceann-bliadhna, mon!
    George McIntosh Browne is son of Reverend Thomas Browne of Grand Sable -
    and also, overseer. Grandfather was Colonel Thomas Browne of the King's Rangers.
    David Cowie in 1872 (of Argyle Estate) becomes manager of Grand Sable:
    "1484 acres or thereabouts.... will be sold by Auction 6 Nov 1872 at
    1:00 pm precisely in City of London... a very large and valueable SUGAR ESTATE." seller is Samuel Spofforth, 350 Great George Street,
    Westminister. 14 Feb 1872
    "Affidavit of Service of Conditional Order for Sale..." letter from John
    H. Hazell, Esquire, of Kingtown (proprietor of Mt. Bentinck Estate) -
    written to David Kennedy Porter. Yet another letter from John H. Hazell.
    And then one from DK Porter claiming a store on the Grand Sable Estate.
    very small print similar to our own Jim Cropper. several letters from DK Porter and then finally making sense as it is in reference to "evidence
    of Robert Sutherland as to ownership of Bay Store." (which is located on border of property). Affidavit of Robert Byrce Blair as to ownership of store. (Blairs were a powerful military family in Dumfries-Galloway).
    Estate of Charles Paul up for Auction; petitioner being David Kennedy
    Porter and Henry Creswell. Paul is deceased and in his will of 1823 he mentions his wife, Elizabeth and children. Will includes Kingstown
    Estate, all the slaves, buildings and stock. mentions Alexander Innes, Alexander Cumming, and Gilbert Munro. Alexander Innes is of Guilford
    Street in Middlesex County, and Robert Young, attorney, is in St.
    Last Will of William McKenzie - 2 July 1863 -
    "I give and devise unto David Kennedy Porter, Alexander Scott Chambers
    and Henry Creswell all of the said Island Esquires and their Heirs my
    Sugar Estates in the said Island called Liberty Lodge and New Adelphi
    and Camacaribou lands..." to sell at Public Auction to pay off debts. to invest for him to send annual profits to his dad, James McKenzie of Rose
    Bank Cairn in Scotland. And after his dad's death, to his 3 sisters;
    Janet, Margaret, and Mary. His personal effects - a watch to Mary
    Cumming, late of Lot 14 Estate, now in Canada.
    In Charles Paul's Will, he has his Kingstown Park Estate up for auction
    in 1867. Mentions John William Innes of Hampstead, County Middlesex.
    Niven McKenzie was overseer/manager. David Kennedy Porter was employed
    by Niven as a bookkeeper or accountant and Town Agent for Kingstown Park Estate. Bought supplies, transacted the business of shipping the sugar
    and other produce. mentions Bullock. Niven is brother to William
    McKenzie. Henry Creswell is of Hope Estate, St. Vincent. Niven has
    ledger right down to the purchase of a fiddle. Reverend Charles Paul is originally from County of Somerset.
    Charles Paul left St. Vincent for Westminister in County Wiltshire,
    England - 36 years before his death at Portunna Rectory, County Galway, Ireland. d. 11 April 1861. His youngest son, William Francis Bourne Paul
    was born 25 March 1844, and last heard from in Sarawak (Indian Seas). Gertrude Paul is widow and William Francis is presumed lost at sea.
    Eldest son living (at the time of Will) was Reverend Charles Keegan
    Paul. Auction estate of 138 acres, sugar plantation. Auction at 1pm 23
    July 1866 at Garraway's Coffee House, Change Alley, Cornhill, London.
    Boy, did I make somebody's day?!?!? How's that for back to a little genealogy? Here's to you, Jim! brosnaich!
    best wishes to all,

    Hi Cindy,
    Are you still at this address?
    I realise this post is 20 years old but it just appeared in results from my Google searches!
    I am a direct descendent of Robert Paul of St Vincent...
    Would love to connect with any others? Sounds like some people have been amazingly good with their genealogical searching!
    Liz (lizthom8@gmail.com)

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