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    Hello Listers,

    It has been quite some time since I have posted my Jamaican surnames
    of interest.

    SNAITH - Two relatives, John and George William arrived in Jamaica
    1794. Many descendants of this large family. Many have still not been identified. In 1796 associated with Highfield Mountain estate,
    Clarendon. In 1870's family owned Greenwall Sugar Plantation in St.
    David's. This is my main research line. The following surnames are
    collateral to the SNAITH line in Jamaica.

    BURRELL - Associated with Burberry plantation. John BURRELL m. Suzanna
    KING in 1777. They had 12 children. Second born child, Anne Hoyle
    BURRELL m. John SNAITH in 1796. Burrell's were in Jamaica since

    KIRKLAND - Moses was one of the Loyalists. Some of the KIRKLANDS
    married into the following lines: LIVINGSTON, MACDONALD, HART, SNAITH, OSTERLAND, BRUCE, COOKE.

    HARRISON - James, arrived JA. about 1846. Was custos of St. Thomas.
    Died in 1904. Father's name was actually James WALLACE. James HARRISON
    was the illegitimate son of [unknown HARRISON] and James WALLACE.

    WALLACE - James. After the illegitimate birth of son James HARRISON,
    he did marry an Anna Maria BROOKS in Jamaica. She died in 1834. No
    children born of this union. Anna Maria had a sister named Charlotte
    BROOKS who died in 1833 in Jamaica.

    MACDERMOTT - Dr. Charles Henry - mid 1800's.

    PAGE - Dr. Robert - arrived in Jamaica mid 1700's.

    HART - Juliana of St. Andrews m. William Pitt KIRKLAND, son of Moses,

    DENT - George Fowler m. Emily Mary Danvers SNAITH ca. 1870. He was the
    son of Charles Calmady DENT and a Lady Selina HASTINGS. Some how
    connected to the SHILLINGFORD family of Jamaica through marriage.

    THORBURN(E) - a distant collateral connection to SNAITH through the
    BURRELL line.

    WILLIAMS - Frances m. John Reid SNAITH 1837 Clarendon.

    SANDS - Margaret m. Charles Alfred SNAITH ca 1870ish. Produced one
    child, William.

    SLADER - Charles Gresham m. Juliana Matilda SNAITH.

    O'SULLIVAN - William m. Edith SNAITH ca. 1880-90. He was drowned while
    she was pregnant with their 8th child. It is believed she died shortly
    after giving birth as all 8 children were split up amongst the SNAITH
    and FOWLER families to raise. Children's names include: Charlton,
    Jocelyn, Cyril, Kathleen, Edith, Evadne, Corita, and last child's name
    is not known.

    My hope is that some of these surnames may appear in another
    researchers line and that he/she will contact me. In most cases I have
    more information that I will gladly share. In others, I am hoping that
    you may have some information that could provide me with clues for
    further research.

    Thank you for your time.

    Marie Snaith

    Hi There I am trying to find relative of James Wallace equire who married Anna Marie Brooks. Both Anna Marie and her sister were buried in the cemetary of the st Andrew parish church Jamaica. Their head stones can be could at memorial ID 120077563.

    Anna Marie Brooks inherited some drawings done by Joseph Smith of our community in Jamaica. I am doing a project on my community and would like to see what the community looked like and if there were any drawings of her, her sister charolette and her
    cousins John Smith and Joseph Smith as well as what the Salisbury Plain Estate/ Plantation looked like back then.

    James Wallace would have had those drawings. if anyone knows of these drawings please email me at lyssaann2@yahoo.com.

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