• Hazell family

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    On Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 3:09:39 PM UTC-8, GH wrote:
    Does anyone know where John Hercules Hazell of Mustique, the founder
    of J.H. Hazell and Sons came from? I am a Hazell living in the UK who
    had family living in Wiltshire, Monmouth and possible Gloucestershire
    in the early 1800s but I have not been able to go any further back
    than 1815. I gather than a Heazle went to the West Indies in about
    1807 but rumour had it that he died of Yellow fever but how long after
    1807 I do not know

    Im in the hazell family my last name is hazell

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    My life companion Lillian Agatha Simmons her grandfather is also called John Hercules Hassell and was probably born on Saba? and lived at Mary's point and later at Hell's Gate. Saba where he also died between 1970/1980 just like his wife Effie Hassell (
    Baylee?) Her correct name may even have been Eveline Beal or Baylie and she came from St Bartholemeus. Their children were: Audreij /Audrie? Grijm (Hassell), Melanie Cecilia Johnson (Hassell), Ella Hobrink (Hassell), John James Hassell, Lillian Estelle
    Simmons (Hassell) (Married to John Josie Simmons), James John Hassell and John Donald Hassell.

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