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    Hi there - I wonder if this thread is still active. I am doing some work on ancestry.com, and came across James Moore, who appears married Margaret Berringer when she was 14 or 15. I have not been able to find as much on Berringer's family - do you have
    the title of the book on Alfred Moore? Thanks!


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    Dear Fellow Listers,
    North Carolina has a Moore County, and in 1989, a friend and mentor of mine published a short book (36 pp.) about its namesake, Alfred Moore, 1755-1810. Here is an excerpt:

    "The line may have descended from Colonel Roger Moore--the "Rory O'More" of legend -- who led the Irish rebellion against England in 1641. It seems that Alfred Moore thought so; some genealogists doubt it. The American family began with James MOORE, who was a youth came from Ireland to lower Carolina in 1675, possibly by way of Barbados.
    "James in time married Margaret BERRINGER, stepdaughter of Sir John YEAMANS, at what is now Charleston, S.C. Margaret's mother had wed Yeamans, a
    widower, Royalist, and colonel who would add governor to his vita, in Barbados after the death there of Margaret's father, Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Berringer. The three elders had emigrated from England.
    "A popular account has been that Sir John was son of Robert Yeamans, high sheriff of Bristol, whom Lord Halifax hanged in the street upon capturing the city in 1643 for Parliament from forces devoted to the Crown, and that Charles II upon recovering the English throne knighted the son in gratitude for the father's sacrifice. Better, if less charming, evidence is that John's father was not sheriff but a Bristol brewer, also named John, and
    that the Carolina Lords Proprietors...awarded, or else wangled, the son a title for promoting their real estate....
    "In either event, in 1665, at about the time he was knighted while living in Barbados, Yeamans was commissioned "Governor of the County of Clarendon near the Cape Feare and all that trace of ground which lyeth southerly as far as the River St. Mathias which borderouth upon the coast of Florida"--that is, governor of lower Carolina nearly half a century before the province was divided officially into North and South Carolina."

    I'll continue in a second email.

    Laura in NC

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