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    On Thursday, 22 January 2009 14:36:39 UTC+10, Debbie VanCorler wrote:
    Hello, was looking for some advice on my "brick wall" all I have is that Clifford SHIRREFF married Mary Ann BARNETT, and that they had 2 sons born in Kingston, Jamaica. John Ives SHIRREFF born 1827 and Clifford SHIRREFF, was born in 1830, and I believe that the family "may" have been coach builders or blacksmiths. The 2 boys end up in Australia, and that's all the info that I have.

    Any clues, advice and suggestions would be greatly received. I may even Kiss someone who can help me crack this one!!!!! (lol)

    Thanks Alll


    Go onto ancestry.com and look up family tree by SHIRREFF SHIRREFF they have tracked down a bunch of them.

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